No matter what segment your business is in, from e-commerce to services, payment technology is a critical factor in success and managing fraud is essential. With that in mind, SourceFuse sponsored and organized another Jax Tech event featuring experts in the technology of digital payments and fraud protection.

These unique networking events foster a stimulating and thought-provoking atmosphere that encourages members to exchange ideas and inspiration, with guest speakers who are leading figures in the industry, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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This particular event included topics on how businesses accept payments, building a business around payment transactions, the current state of fraud prevention technologies and how you can use them to protect yourself.

Featured Enterprise Speakers

Ryan Grokulsky, Chief Innovation Officer at Madwire, a long time industry veteran in the marketing and payments industries, has witnessed first-hand the evolution of digital transaction technology. From legacy players to tech-first companies like Stripe, to next-gen digital payments, he shared insights on the past, present, and future of the digital payments industry and how to plan for what’s next on the horizon. Aaron Sheklin, Vice President, Payments, RealPage Inc, shared his practical experience and in-depth expertise across the spectrum of payments-based businesses that he has worked with and advised. As a payment expert with a history of building and advising successful businesses built around payments as a business model, he presented novel ways in which to add revenue streams to your business. Scott Adams, Founder/CEO, CNPMentors, is a decades-long expert in the area of digital payments and specifically fraud prevention and business protection. He gave an overview of the risks of fraud, as well as the current state of technology. This included biometric security, behavioral hacking, machine learning, and predictive analytics focused on fraud detection and prevention. He shared essential knowledge and tips about how to keep your accounts and money safe and secure in the modern tech landscape. Event sponsors that made this event possible:
  • SourceFuse – Building digital solutions, processes, and products
  • KMMT Capital – Supporting Jacksonville and entrepreneurs through investment and advice
  • Slate Real Estate – Finding and selling homes in Jacksonville
Jax Tech and SourceFuse will continue to provide more networking opportunities on a variety of subjects. The next event, on August 25, 2023, will be the 7th Annual Summer Social held at MOSH, Jacksonville, FL. Sign up now to attend and make sure  Join the Jax Tech MeetUp Group to sign up now and be notified about upcoming events.

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