As a business rapidly grows and develops, what once may have been a sensible and justifiable IT cloud investment now places limitations on the ability to improve flexibility, optimize costs by scaling on demand, and often includes fixed vendor licenses.

This was the case with Metropolis Healthcare Limited, one of India’s largest diagnostic chains. Its infrastructure had become more complicated over time, resulting in higher total cost of operation (TCO), unreliable performance, and delayed business outcomes. But for a business of this size, the decision to engage with a different cloud services provider was not to be taken lightly.

Based on our deep expertise and experience with leveraging cloud-based technology, Metropolis engaged SourceFuse as a trusted and validated AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in this project. Its primary objective was to migrate and modernize a targeted suite of applications and/or environments to AWS Cloud.

Migrate and Modernize: The SourceFuse Approach

Overcoming the challenges for Metropolis required a unique solution and we partnered with the  company to custom-build a cloud-native business intelligence platform to meet its current challenges and future business objectives.

But where to start on this sized project?

Every migration is different which is why a modernization-led migration approach is at the heart of any SourceFuse customer digital transformation journey, going way above and beyond a basic ‘lift and shift’. SourceFuse leveraged a discovery-first standardized process to support the Metropolis migration business case:

  1. Assess
    With the fully-funded discovery, and in collaboration with their in-house teams SourceFuse undertook an assessment of  its complete IT ecosystem, including 132 servers. Organizational readiness for migration was gauged, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, for example, potential costs savings and efficiency gaps.
  2. Mobilize
    Next, we carried out a cloud migration proof of concept (PoC) to support  the company’s migration business case. Underpinned by the four pillars of cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility, the PoC demonstrated the ability to meet current and future requirements of the business.
  3. Migrate and Modernize
    Having successfully completed the assessment and PoC, full-scale migration with the opportunity to modernize existing applications could be executed with zero down-time or interruption to daily workflows.

Achieving Tangible Results

From boosting efficiency and productivity to increasing operational resilience and agility, securely migrating and modernizing this client’s data and infrastructure to AWS Cloud led to rapid results and improvements that addressed their key objectives:

Business Agility

  • Increase in developer productivity
  • Increase in Daily deployments.
  • Reduction in unplanned outages.
  • Improvement in agility


  • Scalability
  • Elasticity
  • Fault Tolerance

Cost Optimization

  • Operational savings every year.
  • Reduction in hosting costs
  • Up to 30% improvement in timeline from automation

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