Following a successful year of events, Jax Tech closed the year with its last event of 2022 on 7th December at MOSH, Jacksonville, FL – High Volume E-Commerce and Fulfillment Tech”.

Sponsored and organized by SourceFuse, this event took a deep dive into the technology behind e-commerce fulfillment and how, for extremely high-volume customer bases, products get shipped out in time at unprecedented rates.

Considering what type of technology is required to scale for high volume e-commerce order fulfillment, getting products to purchasers at speed, CEOs from three high volume organizations shared real-world insights. They presented what cloud technologies and operational systems they use that ‘make the magic happen’ and how other businesses can take advantage too.

Featured E-Commerce Speakers

Travis Mariea, CEO at Flxpoint, answered the question about what technology it takes to intelligently track and manage millions of both real and virtual inventory, fulfill products across a multitude of channels in real time, and power the marketplace-driven world of the new e-commerce landscape. He also described the tools and strategies that modern merchants need to thrive in today’s landscape, plus the evolution of the e-commerce technology stack.

Matt Stueck, CTO at RF-SMART, spoke about what it takes to track millions of items in real time and to go from an order to a shipping label on a product in less than 5 seconds. Leveraging cloud and serverless technology, plus managing a multitude of warehouse robots, RF-Smart is able to provide warehouse and inventory management software for high-volume e-commerce fulfillment.

Bryan Croft, Owner and CEO at HC Brands, shared his experience of the impressive technology and operations that drive the ability to produce and ship a personalized custom product in a single day after receiving an order from multiple locations around the US. As one of the highest volume creators of personalized customized products, Bryan gave everyone a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at the tech magic across software, hardware, and operations at HC Brands.

Event sponsors that made this event possible:

  • SourceFuse – Building digital solutions, processes, and products
  • Slate Real Estate – Finding and selling homes in Jacksonville, and spinning DJ tunes on the MOSH rooftop

Jax Tech and SourceFuse will be hosting more inspirational events during 2023 on a whole range of new age & digital tech-related topics. Each event features leading industry guest speakers, entrepreneurs and innovators, creating an environment where its members can exchange ideas and inspiration.

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