SourceFuse recognized as AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partners

[Jacksonville, Florida] March 23, 2021

Cloud Native

SourceFuse, a leading provider of industry cloud-native solutions to a 250+ global customer base, announced today that it has been recognized by AWS as ‘AWS lambda Service Delivery Partners’. This designation certifies that SourceFuse enables its customers to build, migrate, & modernize their cloud solutions with agile development practices resulting in faster deployments and reduced time-to-market.

“We are fortunate to be living in a digital-first era wherein serverless computing is the need of the hour for every organization’s technology readiness. Serverless architecture is a style of programming for cloud platforms that are changing the way modern applications are built, deployed, and ultimately consumed. SourceFuse’s team of AWS certified experts has delivered multiple cloud-native solutions that autoscale and showcase exceptional product quality and innovation.”

-Ashish Kaushik, Head of DevOps and AWS APN Ambassador, SourceFuse

How SourceFuse empowers its Customers with AWS Lambda?

As a leading cloud company and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we execute a well-defined, value-oriented strategy across IT and businesses and install a cloud-ready operating model before modernization. With firsthand experience with the cloud and a technology-forward mindset, we enable our customers to achieve: 

  • More Efficiency with Serverless Computing: AWS Lambda provides a platform where one can enrich the already existing infrastructure or deploy a new service in a microservices architecture. It automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision infrastructure.
  • Continuous Scalability with AWS Lambda: One can easily place Lambda in between services to transform and load data as and when required. It can go from a few requests per day to hundreds of thousands per second.
  • Cost Optimization with Pay as you Go model: While using AWS Lambda, one only pays for the compute time that has been billed. For every millisecond your code executes and the number of times your code is triggered, your cost is calculated. With a Compute Savings Plan, you can additionally save up to 17%*.

Get to know more about the benefits of using AWS Lambda and the solutions that SourceFuse successfully delivered on the cloud.

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