Efficiency Improvements from a Collocated Data Center to the Cloud

MTS (Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc.) - A Medical Device Field Inventory Management Solution

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We migrated a medical software company onto AWS and drastically improved site efficiency

About MTS

Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. (MTS) was established by a team of industry professionals with expertise in the areas of medical device sales, distribution, logistics, loaner kit processing, and software development. Today, manufacturers and hospitals independently use MTS’ proprietary software, iTraycer, to track medical devices and biologics in real-time.

MTS offers a turnkey solution for case scheduling and medical device field inventory management. As an end-to-end service, this revolutionary solution delivers an enormous boost to the bottom line. And dramatically improves quality control – All without requiring an overhaul of internal systems.

Problem Statement

MTS was under pressure to improve the efficiency of their software. They were housing their servers in a collocated data center that was lacking additional services and customer service, which was ultimately limiting the company’s control of their servers.

Specific Challenges

  • No mechanism to monitor and log traffic
  • Need to Increase Security
  • Lengthy downtime for new features to go to production
  • Unreliable hosting provider
The Solution

We rebuilt the MTS infrastructure on AWS in order to optimize data workflows and increase customer onboarding & integrations.

The entire architecture was rebuilt within AWS High Availability Zones leveraging AWS Auto Scaling, to create a right-sized environment that automatically adjusts capacity based on the monitoring.

We enabled an AWS CloudTrail monitoring dashboard to log traffic and provide transparency to system admins while hosting everything inside Private Subnets to increase security.

At the current state one client has been successfully migrated to the new solution, and all others will follow before the end of the year.

The Results

  • Enterprise-grade  monitoring & logging for better visibility
  • Architected a zero-downtime deployment policy
  • Created a highly available & scalable environment on the basis of real-time monitoring
  • Increased security & reliability
  • Efficient patching (new updates installed automatically) of windows servers


Reduction in TCO

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