SourceFuse Tests New AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring

Modernizing Legacy Applications Just Got Easier for Developers

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dec 06, 2022

SourceFuse, a leading provider of cloud native, bespoke solutions and services for enterprises, today announced successful early-testing collaboration on AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring, an extension for Visual Studio. Work on this project demonstrates the increasing strength of the relationship between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SourceFuse, as a Top Tier AWS Consulting Partner.

The new extension reduces the time and manual efforts of developers who are looking to transform legacy .NET applications to a cloud-optimized architecture. The end-to-end modernization workflow evaluates application source codes, identifies dependencies and makes modernization pathway suggestions, modifies code where possible, and automatically generates artifacts for containerization.

“The AWS Toolkit for .NET extension is a massive step up from the previous way of dealing with issues when migrating/modernizing .NET codebases”, said Ananth Deodhar, Senior Technical Architect, at SourceFuse. “There is zero learning curve for developers or reliance on outside tooling, and our developers can now truly focus on solving issues without leaving the IDE.”

The SourceFuse ‘devops-as-a-service’ model supports modernizing and migrating legacy applications to the cloud with minimal disruption. Through our modernization-led migration approach and more than 16 years expertise, the SourceFuse DevOps team have helped enterprises lower TCO and optimize costs, scale on demand, accelerate growth, and increase agility.

The modernization process consists of many aspects, such as updating configurations for a serverless environment, refactoring monolithic architecture, or reconfiguring Windows-specific dependencies. AWS Toolkit for .NET Refactoring supports our DevOps team to rapidly transform applications to fully benefit from the reliability, scalability, and cost savings on the cloud.

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