SourceFuse featured in BW Businessworld, India’s largest Business Magazine

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Sep 23, 2021

SourceFuse, a leading provider of industry cloud-native solutions to a 300+ global customer base, announced that they were recently featured in the BW Businessworld, India’s largest Business Magazine, among the Top 50 ‘Great Place to Work’ Mid-Size Organizations!

What makes SourceFuse a Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Institute’s methodology is known as being rigorous, and is considered the gold standard for defining best places to work across business, academia, and government organizations. Not only that, the great workplaces recognized by GPTW experience much higher levels of retention, advocacy, business continuity, motivation, and discretionary effort. Here are the five characteristics that we are most proud of as an organization, and what we believe makes SourceFuse a ‘Great Place to Work®’:

  • Welcoming Culture: Welcoming new team members on their first day of work has always been one of the most evolved practices at SourceFuse. The new joinee is met by and introduced to everyone throughout the organization, cultivating an immediate sense of belonging and familiarity.

“Personally, for me SourceFuse is the best place to work as the learning never stops. Every day you learn something new here – whether that’s new tech, new tools or new ways to do something – that’s what keeps the excitement going. Also, sticking to the core values, being truly agile, and nurturing your own staff to drive partner/customer success are just some of the reasons which truly makes SourceFuse a great place to work.”

Sumit Bhandari, Delivery Head

  • Recognition and Appreciation: We focus on cultivating a holistic learning experience, handing out extraordinary awards in recognition of personal achievements, whether it’s for completing cloud-native certifications or gaining deep domain expertise in their respective fields.

“My career with SourceFuse has grown so much in the last decade. Opportunities to work in different domains of interest, with the aim of always bringing out the best in their employees, have been SourceFuse’s strength.”

Ashish Kaushik, CISO

  • Open Communication and Transparency: Working in an organization with over 400 global employees, a healthy communicative culture becomes imperative. We have an open and comfortable working environment, where everyone can share their perspective without being judged or made to feel insecure.
  • High-Trust Workplace: We ensure that our employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and positively engage with the people they work with every day.

“Work culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion. Here at SourceFuse, we’ve cultivated a passionate team of young individuals who are enthusiastic about what they do and why they do it. It’s a pleasure to contribute to SourceFuse’s rapid growth and our customer’s successes.”

Vaidant Singh, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Highly Engaged Company: To make employees feel aligned and committed to the organization and its goals, we hold quarterly town halls to showcase how their work brings us success. On the fun side, we nurture engagement between employees, with our Friday evening virtual games and consistent team communication through different channels.

“In just 3 years, SourceFuse has become much more than just a cloud-native workplace. You have some great minds working here which constantly push you to learn more and guide you. Then you have great leaders with the right vision and intent to take everyone aboard the great journey. The sense of care comes first, be it everyone’s learning and self-growth, or alignment within the organization, they constantly push for the best employee-friendly policies.”

Vipul Sharma, Delivery Head


How to become a part of SourceFuse?

SourceFuse takes a rare approach in looking beyond your exact qualifications or experience. The important factor is your innovative mindset, strong basics and a passion for collaboration & teamwork. The willingness to collaborate in a young, exciting, and fast-paced environment could make you the exact candidate we are looking for.

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