SourceFuse achieves the highly coveted AWS Healthcare Competency

SourceFuse powers Healthcare Life Sciences industry with proven HIPAA compliant solutions

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Aug 07, 2020

SourceFuse Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, today announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare Competency status. This achievement demonstrates our relevant technical proficiency and proven customer success in building Healthcare Solutions on AWS that securely store, process, transmit, and analyze clinical information. In the AWS Partner Network, SourceFuse is the First Advanced Consulting Partner in the APAC region and the 15th worldwide to achieve the Healthcare Competency.

“Our aim is to strengthen the Healthcare industry through our deep technical expertise combined with our strong domain knowledge. SourceFuse understands the business concerns of today’s HLS leaders, demonstrating the positive impact of Cloud Modernization Led Migration Strategy to make them digital future-ready. Our team is dedicated to helping customers in the Healthcare industry achieve their business goals by leveraging the agility of the AWS Cloud.” said Kelly Dyer, Co-Founder & CEO, SourceFuse

SourceFuse’s Cloud-Enabled Solutions and diverse partner ecosystem empower Healthcare Organizations to make faster decisions and continuously enhance the quality of care. With an extensive background in Healthcare and Life Sciences, we seek to leverage Big Data, IoT, AI, and ML Services to provide better care, prevent diseases, and optimize the continuum of care. Our Focused execution and ability to adapt quickly in the face of change enables us to deliver scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Our healthcare solutions enhance patient engagement, streamline clinical processes, and improve the performance of healthcare providers.

We recently launched SF Medic, our AI-enabled Telemedicine Solution that offers personalized clinical decision intervention support for clinicians. A HIPAA Compliant Solution that is built with artificial intelligence (AI) & natural language processing (NLP) services, real-time messaging, and most importantly, regulated and secured infrastructure to protect patient data. 

Being AWS Advanced Consulting and Healthcare Competency Partners, we leverage AWS services like AWS IAM, AWS Shield, AWS CloudCheckr, AWS CloudTrail to provide Healthcare organizations with HIPAA and GDPR compliant solutions. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

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