Jax Tech Web3 Edition, Powered by SourceFuse: Deep Dive into DeFi

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Apr 14, 2022
  • 300 Jax Tech Members attend “Web3 Edition: A Deep Dive into DeFi” on 14 Apr, 2022
  • Guest speakers present real-world insights with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DAOs
  • Leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs exchange ideas and inspiration

Following many years of successful SourceFuse’s Jax Tech events, Jax Tech kicked off its 2022 calendar of events on 14 April at MOSH, Jacksonville, FL. Sponsored and organized by SourceFuse, this event took a deep dive into the world of web3 including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DAOs, and heard from experts in this space doing real-world business on top of these technologies.

In the modern tech-enabled economy, many finance enterprises face the possibility of cut-throat competition. SourceFuse understands these industry technological challenges, and has provided several bespoke cloud-native fintech solutions and services for them to gain a more credible competitive advantage.

Featured Speakers

Jeff Harris, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Xero Labs, shared learnings and insights from multiple ventures in the web3 arena. Jeff shared the ins and outs of starting this strange new type of entity, answering questions such as what is a DAO, how do you form one, how do you craft a smart contract, and what are some of the gotchas to look out for? He then gave a peek under the hood at Bitcoin mining, the technology behind the miner machines, power consumption, tracking and analytics, and what it looks like to launch a full scale mining operation.

Ben Wasson, Innovation Evangelist, SS&C Advent, shared insights about cryptocurrency trading and what the future might hold. He defined the differences between a traditional trade and the life of a crypto trade and what technology barriers must be crossed to allow institutional investors to fully enter the crypto market. Ben also highlighted the implications and potential to the crypto markets when institutional whales truly enter the game.

Alla Koretsky, Founder/CEO, Layer Technologies, presented what it means to have your NFTs settle on Bitcoin instead of Ethereum, and to have lower (or zero) gas fees, or to be one of the Stacks.co first accelerator cohorts. Beyond OpenSea, there is more to NFTs than the one major marketplace. She answered questions, such as what it would take to mint your own NFTs or build your own marketplace, and how to launch a community in the Metaverse.

Jax Tech is committed to creating an environment where its members can exchange ideas and inspiration, and hear from leading industry experts about new age & digital technology advancements . 

Jax Tech and SourceFuse will be hosting more inspirational events during 2022 on a whole range of tech-related topics, all featuring exciting guest speakers. Join the Jax Tech MeetUp Group to be notified about upcoming events and ensure you don’t miss out.

Event sponsors that made this event possible:

  • SourceFuse – Building digital solutions, processes, and products
  • Jax Homes – Finding and selling homes in Jacksonville

About SourceFuse

SourceFuse Inc. is transforming the way today’s most successful companies develop breakthrough roadmaps leveraging cloud-based technologies. A leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SourceFuse delivers Cloud Implementations that boost efficiency, ensure compliance, deliver actionable insights and lower TCO. 

We empower Enterprises with a full spectrum of innovative, digital-first cloud-native solutions. With 15+ years of deep domain expertise, commitment to digital innovation and customer success, we offer Modernization Led Cloud Migration, Data & Analytics, DevOps, Cloud Strategy & Managed Cloud Services.  SourceFuse has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India. To know more, visit our Website and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Jax Tech

Jax Tech is all about innovation and the business of technology in Jacksonville. We are a group of technologists, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and Jax-area technovators, and meet regularly to learn, share, and collaborate. Each meeting allows for interactive presentations on creative and practical use of technology from Jax businesses and startups, and allows for the exchange of new ideas, meeting fellow innovators, and continuing to expand the overall technology scene here in Jax. Come be inspired with us!

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