For 8th Year in a Row – SourceFuse Honored as a Distinguished Great Place to Work®

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dec 20, 2023

SourceFuse, a strategic digital transformation company helping businesses evolve through cloud-native technologies, today announced that it has been recognized by Great Place to Work® (GPTW) India for the 8th consecutive year. Reflecting the company’s core values, this successive achievement demonstrates continued high levels of retention, business continuity, motivation, and advocacy throughout its vibrant global culture of close to 600 employees.

Throughout 2023, SourceFuse underwent significant expansion in its workforce, surpassing projected goals. The last three years has seen a 150% increase in workforce, and 2023 highlights included a 61.5% increase in the US alone, an 18% increase in female employees, and its presence in Australia on the rise. SourceFuse is proud to have a voluntary attrition rate of 5% less than the industry average.

“We are immensely gratified to uphold our GPTW achievement, and delighted with our 94% response rate. GPTW is a source of great satisfaction for SourceFuse, and we’re thrilled to carry forward this tradition into our eighth consecutive year,” says Ravdeep Singh, Chief People Officer at SourceFuse. “At SourceFuse, we believe that nurturing personal growth is the foundation of collective success. We provide our team with the opportunities and challenges that inspire creativity and lead to innovative breakthroughs. It’s not just a job; it’s a journey of continuous learning and development that propels both individual and organizational success.”

SourceFuse prioritizes talent development and upskilling initiatives to equip our workforce with the skills required to navigate the complexities of the industry and new tech stacks/trends. It recognizes the undeniable potential of machine learning (ML) and generative AI, and has taken a proactive step by establishing a dedicated team. By investing in this ML and genAI talent pool, SourceFuse anticipates the future and paves the way for cutting-edge advancements in a rapidly evolving landscape.

To prioritize the appreciation of SourceFuse employees, the company recognizes individuals or teams every quarter whose work ethic embodies its six essential values:

  1. High Standards – reliably deliver exceptional results, commitment to excellence, and consistently set a high standard of performance delivery for everyone. 
  2. Solid Work Ethic & Accountability – commitment to timely and diligent work, taking personal ownership of tasks and active contribution.
  3. Humility – leveraging successes to fuel ongoing learning and contribution, cultivating a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.
  4. Agility – maintaining a nimble and open mindset to quickly adapt to evolving challenges with a proactive and effective approach to the ever shifting landscape.
  5. Team Player – collaborative and supportive spirit where every employee is integral to the strength of our collective effort.
  6. Customer Success – delivering best-in-class client experiences, proactively adding value and exceeding customer expectations.

Learn how you can become part of the thriving, dynamic, and inventive atmosphere at SourceFuse as a member of this Great Place to Work®.

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