AWS London Summit 2024 CXO Roundtable

Key Highlights

Modernizing legacy workloads on AWS

An exclusive executive roundtable event hosted by AWS and SourceFuse during AWS London Summit 2024. 

The roundtable provided an opportunity to hear from SourceFuse, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and AWS customers who have successfully modernized their workloads on AWS, and the tangible benefits customers have experienced including reduced costs, improved performance, and enhanced innovation.

Additionally, AWS Executives discussed how AWS can support customers in innovating and modernizing their workloads, drawing on AWS domain expertise and financial programmes.

The purpose of this roundtable is to address any potential concerns about modernisation and to expedite the modernisation journey, enabling customers to reduce their technology debt and break free from the constraints imposed by legacy technology vendors.

Featured Speakers:

Hosted by Keith Groom, WW Modernization Partner COE Leader, AWS, and joined by:

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