Artificial Intelligence in the Real World From Startups to Enterprises

Key Highlights

Our next event of 2023 will feature experts in the hot and trending area of Artificial Intelligence. A major focus on AI in the Startup world, AI tools being used by enterprises, and the overall landscape of enterprise AI today.

As always, we are starting things off with a networking happy hour and wrapping it up with a rooftop (or indoor, weather-dependent) DJ party and fellowshipping with this great local tech community of innovators.


Featured Speakers:

Picture of Michael Manos
Michael Manos

Chief Technology Officer, Dun & Bradstreet

As a data-focused enterprise, D&B is no stranger to AI and in fact has been working with large data models, generative AI, and other AI concepts for the past 14 years. Whether it involves setting up data sandboxes for experimental data explorations with partners, internal AI initiatives that examine 5 exabytes of data every night, or other use case explorations, there is a wealth of real-world AI learnings to share. Mike will share some lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, underlying technologies, how D&B uses AI today, and where it sees AI going in the future.

Picture of Philip O'Donnell
Philip O'Donnell

Group SVP Head of Data & A.I. Platforms, The Adecco Group

Over the last year, an exciting new market has appeared building and using large language models like ChatGPT to solve valuable but previously difficult problems. When startup activity is extremely high (AI doubled from 12-26% of all funding in one year) it creates many new products and an opportunity to quickly leverage them to gain an edge over your competitors who aren’t tracking it closely. In this talk, we’ll cover where the hottest new AI products are appearing the fastest and which ones can help you accelerate product development, marketing, and all other aspects of your business.

Picture of Todd Miner
Todd Miner

HumanX Global Partnerships and Ecosystems Lead, Korn Ferry

Beyond the new A.I. startup players, there is an entire market of enterprise A.I. tools and companies helping enterprise-scale initiatives happen. As an industry expert helping enterprises incorporate the use of A.I., Todd will share insights about the types of data being used for models, strategies for how to implement it at scale, and the good, the bad, and the ugly about what to look out for in your own organization. In addition, Todd will cover a breakdown of the best tools and players in the enterprise A.I. landscape today.


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