HelloMD.Online: Secure, Easy and Hassle-free Online Video Consultations

Enabling Customized Telehealth Solutions for Better Remote Healthcare

An End-to-End Solution to empower doctors and patients for Stronger Continuum of Care

  • 100% Secure Online Video Consultations
  • Best in Class Cloud Platform Providers
  • HIPAA Compliant Applications
  • Faster Treatment with Medical Reports stored online
  • End-to-End Integration with your E-Prescription Module
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Device Independent Doctor-Patient Engagement
  • Personalized Patient Care
  • Seamless Integration with your EMR
  • Faster and reliable Patient Care Delivery System
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Seamless Integration with your EMR / EHR

Sync your patient data effectively with helloMD.online’s integration capabilities. Healthcare is an industry that explodes with data every day. To streamline that data, and make sure it is used in the best possible way for the patient’s benefit can only be done through reliable cloud technology. Engage with your patients on video in a better way after understanding their medical history, allowing for a more focused treatment.

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100% Compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards

We are recognized as AWS Healthcare Competency Partners, a globally accepted status that proves our technical expertise of building custom Healthcare Solutions on the Cloud. Being AWS Partners, we are able to provide the Best-in-Class HIPAA Compliance for your Telehealth solutions, ensuring the privacy and security of patient data. Also, we are the only one in APAC and 15th in the world!

Faster & Integrated

E-prescriptions and Online Appointment Booking

Eliminating the hospital waiting time, the online video consultation allows for patients to share their medical history via attachments on the platform. For physicians, it makes it easier to diagnose a patient and hand over e-prescriptions over the video call or through the chat interface. Patients can take advantage of the online appointment booking option to engage with a doctor quickly and cost-effectively.


Personalized Patient Care, Better Patient Outcomes

The product focuses on enabling healthcare professionals to care for their patients and their patient’s families in ways that are meaningful, valuable and helpful to the patient. Device independent video conferencing helps patients to connect with a doctor at any time, from anywhere in the world. Customizable UI enables doctors to adopt the interface as per their needs and different ways of providing healthcare.

Video Calling your Doctor - Need of the Hour

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, people took a sudden shift to getting medical assistance online to keep their distance from a hospital. This current scenario calls for flexible and secure virtual healthcare that can benefit patients from the comfort of their homes.

Online Video Consultations are a great way to get immediate and hassle-free access to any specialized doctor from anywhere across the world. A reliable system that enables patients to get assistance from the comfort of their homes, improves diagnostic efficiency and offers cost-effective patient care services.

Integrate with SF Medic: AI-Enabled Telemedicine Chat

Data and Analytics

SF Medic weaves cognitive computing in its veins to provide smart & language-independent assistance to doctors and personalized health consultation for patients. While building SF Medic, we leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) & natural language processing (NLP) services, real-time messaging, and most importantly, regulated infrastructure to protect patient data.

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