Last Thursday (March 21st) we headed back to MOSH to discuss real-world high volume FinTech in Jax with some of the areas smartest minds in the space.

FinTech companies are stepping out of traditional norms and doing more than mobile payments or blockchain fantasy.

The relationship between finance and technology is closer than ever, and now part of our everyday lives. So, whether you use products like E-Trade and CreditKarma or just Venmo your buddy $8 for a hotdog at a Jags game, FinTech is something to take note of.

Local companies are making an impact on a global scale and changing the way Finance and Collection companies operate. We aimed to highlight some of these local successes being realized by our peers at our first JaxTech event of 2019.

FinTech in Jax was designed to find out how ERC Global and Black Diamond/SS&C Advent are scaling to handle massive data, keeping ours and their financial assets safe and secure, and continually integrating with the products you use every day.

Black Diamond / SS&C Advent has an award-winning portfolio management system and recently launched a portfolio re-balancer tool to assess and optimize portfolios automatically based on custom strategy, rules, and your unique needs. They see opportunities in challenges and are processing massive amounts of data as fast as possible with ongoing optimization personalized for every person.

ERC is a global leader in outsourced financial services, including debt collection. Their forward-thinking team has created technology, applied machine learning, predictive analytics, and big data management to optimize the probability of payment collection and maximize the output of their global team’s efforts.

These companies are creating technology to optimize, scale, and enhance their businesses. Whether through personal optimization or professional efficiency. And it’s people like Marty Sarim and Chris Wolff from ERC Global and Ian McGuigan and JP Dienst from Black Diamond / SS&C Advent that we are proud to have in our local community.

Below are links to the decks from our speakers, let us know if you have any questions or would like any additional insight. We would be more than happy to connect you with speakers from the event.

ERC Global.

  • Marty Sarim, CEO
  • Chris Wolff, CTO

Black Diamond / SS&C Advent.

  • Ian McGuigan, Product Manager
  • JP Dienst, Lead Developer/Rebalancer

As always, a HUGE thank you to our sponsors that make these events possible:

  • SourceFuse – Building digital ideas, processes, and products
  • ADVOS Legal – Growth-focused legal team for your business
  • Jax Homes – Finding and selling homes in Jacksonville, and spinning DJ tunes on the MOSH rooftop.

Make sure to join the JaxTech Group on Meetup and Slack. Our next event will be out Summer Social, and if it’s anything like last year. It will be a party you don’t want to miss!