On 21st July 2022, SourceFuse hosted its live CIO Cloud Connect event, in association with CIOs of India. 

2022 will be the year of transition as businesses go beyond focussing on daily operations and make strategic plans that will shape and define their future. Most enterprises are planning to embark on crucial digital transformations that would change both how they create value for customers and the way they operate.

One of the major focal points tends to be strategic performance and cost optimization. But the rapid rise in availability of managed cloud services and technologies has led to new ways in which to think about strategy. With this, enterprises today have to focus more on leveraging the full potential of digital environments and not just optimization.

This event brought together enterprise tech leaders to consider how CIOs can make this their ‘Next Big Shift’. With two keynote speakers, interactive polling, and QnA discussions, it was a thought-provoking and lively event. Following the introduction from Dr Kamal Karnatak, President, CIOs of India, and Vaidant Singh, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, SourceFuse, we handed over to our keynote speakers.

Keynote 1: Viknesh Jain, CEO and MD of Euronics

A customer of SourceFuse, Viknesh shared the 20 year evolution of Euronics, with the single purpose of offering great innovative products and services. With success came the need for rapid scaling up and Euronics expanded into multiple PAN India locations, and by 2018 had four international locations.

Key to its success was to challenge industry benchmarks back in 2008, and guarantee same-day delivery, which at the time was very rare! With a now comprehensive supply chain, the goal was to deploy a modern, secure, scalable application that would monitor and predict sales across the channel, as well as track inventory. From ideation to implementation, SourceFuse delivered the solution at speed and made Euronics’ goal a reality.

An ambitious entrepreneur, Viknesh described the benefits realized with a fully integrated platform enabling real-time data analytics and actionable insights. Introducing workflow automation, such as sending quotations, invoices, credit and collection management, product information, etc., was critical for handling an ever-increasing number of enquiries and leads. As well as supporting company growth, the sophisticated IT solution enhanced the customer experience providing real-time order tracking – an industry-first.

Always exploring areas of further development, Viknesh was keen for SourceFuse to incorporate Customer Review automation. This proactively supports Euronics to continuously improve processes, product quality, and inform business decisions, all of which has contributed to Euronics becoming true market leaders in their space.

Keynote 2: Sumeet Khanna, Enterprise Partner Success Lead at AWS

Sumeet gave interesting insights about the inception and growth of Amazon Web Services as a direct result of Amazon experimenting with ways in which to leverage the peaks and troughs in e-commerce demand. The AWS ethos is to help organizations progress to the cloud, benefitting from AWS learnt experience, no matter where companies are on their cloud journey. Whether you’re still defining a cloud migration strategy, experiencing internal resistance, or simply not sure where to start, Sumeet talked through multiple ways of getting started with AWS.

AWS provides a number of different workshops, such as Cloud Economics Workshop to solidify a directional business case, but perhaps the most interesting is its Culture of Innovation Workshop. In an industry where success and achievement is consistently rewarded, innovation is all about having the courage to experiment and fail until the solution is discovered. Starting out as an experiment itself, AWS continues to experiment internally and celebrates its failures as great learnings; with this mindset it actively supports customers to experiment as well in order to innovate, become the show-stoppers, and create breakthroughs.

Sumeet described how customers are AWS’s number one priority. Its teams provide expert guidance and training to help achieve technological advancements, with a host of readily available resources, on-demand webinars and certifications. It also provides access to AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, such as SourceFuse, to bring new innovations to reality.

SourceFuse is committed to bringing together industry leaders, to share experiences and expertise, engage in conversation, and together explore the future of the 21st century digital environment. For details on our next Leaders Round Table event, connect with us today!

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