A Meetup hosted by SourceFuse on 26th July 2019

Continuing our convention of hosting a Meetup every few weeks, we organized our 3rd DevOps Day last week. The topics chosen were decided on popular demand. HIPAA Workloads on AWS and Scaling Kubernetes Cluster. We started celebrating DevOps Days as an initiative towards bringing together techies and newbies to sit together and engage in constructive conversation about prime DevOps Concepts. We were able to get 100+ RSVPs this time and the participation at the event was quite significant.  

Theme 1: HIPAA Workloads on AWS

Susovan Panja, a Senior DevOps Engineer at SourceFuse, was the first presenter for the session. He expressed his views on HIPAA Workloads on AWS and why HIPAA Compliance is necessary for healthcare organizations. HIPAA has helped to streamline administrative healthcare functions, improve efficiency in the healthcare industry, and ensure protected health information is shared securely.

HIPAA is important because it ensures healthcare providers, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and business associates of HIPAA-covered entities must implement multiple safeguards to protect sensitive personal and health information. He also shed light on ‘AWS as a HIPAA Compliant Service Provider’. Explaining the specific steps to be followed to achieve HIPAA Compliance on AWS. 

PPT Link: HIPAA Workloads on AWS

Theme 2: Scaling Kubernetes Cluster

Rahul Sharma, DevOps Engineer at SourceFuse, was the second presenter for the session. His part of the theme involved explaining all about Kubernetes –  An open-source container orchestration platform. And why it is necessary for organizations to automate the management of containerized applications. He mentioned that he witnessed seeing multiple videos on ‘Kubernetes in 5 mins’. And, how it was ironic that it took substantial time to understand the concept and implement it in real-time. He demonstrated the Kubernetes Architecture. And the cost & scaling challenges that organizations face along with the solutions to each.

PPT Link: Scaling Kubernetes Cluster

Why are we organizing such Meetups?

SourceFuse is driving towards bringing together the techies who experiment on the Cloud on a daily basis. SourceFuse wants them to share their experience and expertise with the newbies and recent graduates to help them learn more about Cloud-based services. Additionally, SourceFuse also wants to engage in conversations about the cloud with the tech community.

For details on our next Meetup, connect with us on our Meetup group – Cloud Source stay tuned!