30 Oct

Microservices Design & Development explained (Case Study)

This case study discusses how SourceFuse implemented One Call’s Driver Network using microservices architecture. Pros and Cons of adopting microservices architecture will also be explored. This paper also details on how nonfunctional requirements like reliability, efficiency, logging, etc are being handled in this implementation of a microservices architecture.…

20 Oct

Lambda Love

About an year ago I blogged about how we first used AWS Lambda to power the video effects engine of a video ad tech product we built for a client. The love affair with Amazon’s serverless offering since then has blossomed. Not only did we save a ton of money for our clients by reducing wastage and DevOps cost but we were able to really embrace the microservices architecture…

24 Jul

Web Hosting Explained: How to find the perfect hosting service for your website

We live in the age of “The Internet”. Today everyone wants their business to be online. Having an online website gives a face to your business and helps attract more customers. Nowadays it is very easy and affordable to own a website. CMS platforms like WordPress are absolutely free and easy to use. Domain costs are getting cheaper by the day and a good shared hosting account…