Accelerate your digital transformation with SourceFuse’s Managed Cloud Services

Every transformation that your business goes through, requires a stringent eye to detail so that you are able to identify the better business approach. Similarly, your Cloud Computing Services, require efficient managing processes in combination with a cost-optimized implementation planning.

To invest in a managed services plan is realizing that it’s time for your business to be proactive rather than reactive. There is still a certain air of confusion about the whole idea and on top of that, finding a reliable provider needs some help. Fret not, We’re here for you!

Who should care about Managed Cloud Services?

With the growing complexity and operational integration in businesses, organizations should seek to understand several critical issues about the application of managed services in the context of their overall strategy, culture, and structure.

From small scale businesses to large enterprise-scale firms, all organizations can leverage individual benefits from practicing managed services options. Especially, firms that are looking for specialized knowledge at scale to solve complex problems with long term horizons are the most suited. 

How to choose a reliable managed services provider?

Evidence of experience is the first necessary step in choosing your managed services provider. References can work wonders here as clients that they have worked with prior to you, can provide the best feedback. Your focus must be on ‘Prevention’. How fast is the managed services provider in preventing certain roadblocks, technical or otherwise? 

Evaluating their processes is always a good idea. Making sure to understand their culture and how they enable their teams to perform better. A very pertinent question could be how fast they can respond to your queries – within 4 hours, 10 hours, or perhaps even 24X7? Do they have specific managed services plans laid out for your requirements? Finally, Pay attention to the company’s qualifications, service options, and contract terms. Ask them their ‘Service Delivery’ terms and how they plan on catering to challenges specific to your business. Also, make a point to know about their third-party partnerships that they collaborate with while handling technology vendors on your behalf. A long-term commitment to growth and scalability and 24×7 Managed Services Availability forms a brilliant managed services package – something that you can rely upon.

The way SourceFuse delivers Managed Services is a key differentiator. Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and industry experience of 14 years, SourceFuse is highly equipped to manage your cloud services on your behalf. SourceFuse offers managed services plans catering to your organization’s needs. The plans are carefully designed to provide you with maximum flexibility, reliability, and end-to-end performance optimization.

For your better understanding, we have listed our managed services plans below: 

Our Cloud Managed Services Plans

aws cloud services


Designed for SMB companies focused on Increasing reliability and optimization

cloud services support


Complete Managed Services
Package for Medium to Large
Scale Businesses

SourceFuse Cloud Managed Services


Includes Professional Plan benefits, plus complex infrastructure support for Large Scale Businesses

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Managed Cloud Services Benefits with SourceFuse

When it comes to managed cloud services, we follow AWS’ Well-Architected framework approach. To enable your focus on business innovation, our cloud computing services models offer the following:


  • Security: HIPAA compliant services, with built-in security. 100% Compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards.
  • Operational Excellence: End-to-end, ongoing support for any Cloud hosted application, including system upgrades, patches, and updates.
  • Reliability: Disaster Recovery and Ongoing OS Patching. Access to an experienced team of cloud computing technology veterans with deep subject matter expertise. 
  • Cost Optimization: A 30% potential reduction in operational costs. Predictable Cost Monitoring Models with the flexibility of cloud-managed services 
  • Performance Efficiency: Continuous performance monitoring for leveraging 80% potential efficiency gain. Quick response times through enterprise-level monitoring and remote cloud services.


The business benefits of managed cloud services coupled with the money you can save offer a smart solution for companies of any size. In practice, the managed services plans are designed as a form of outsourcing that involves contracting with a third-party MSP to handle one or more of your company’s IT services. It is bound to provide constant and consistent monitoring of your systems with the goal of preventing failures wherever possible. In addition, Remote monitoring means your managed services provider can always see what’s going on and fix it directly, giving you more time to focus on core innovation.

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