A Collision of Tech, Business and Culture: Networking at its Best

It’s fair to say that during the last 18+ months of the COVID pandemic, forging new business relationships has been tough. In-person conferences and exhibitions, where networking flourished and existing connections strengthened, were cancelled one after the other as we moved to digital versions. In fact, Forbes reported that changes to sporting events, conferences and other events worldwide meant more than 83 million attendees were forced to change their plans.

While still being able to increase knowledge, learn from industry experts, share and exchange ideas and hear different perspectives at the digital exhibitions, the more personal angle was missing.

In-person business events can undoubtedly lead to new business, boost reputations, and increase an organization’s visibility in a more engaging and impactful way. But during any conference, the more informal networking opportunities and social activities helped to build long-lasting customer relationships. This traditionally brought together a huge diversity of people from different backgrounds, from students looking for career opportunities, to CEOs looking to forge partnerships.

However, as the world gradually starts to open up again, there is light at the end of the tunnel. For larger conferences and exhibitions, they now provide two options for attending live: in-person OR online, and this is likely to be an ongoing trend. Global, national and even local COVID safety and social distancing measures still vary greatly, and personal preferences, with regards self-isolation or vaccination, need to be respected. But with the right safety precautions in place, event organizers are making a return to that missing ‘personal angle’ a reality for many.

And with that in mind, the Jax Tech Meetup Group was excited to reinstate its Annual Summer Social this August in Jacksonville, Florida, kicking off the start of a series of further networking events.

The Purpose of these Events

Jax Tech is a truly unique meetup group where anyone with an interest in technology can exchange new ideas and meet fellow innovators, from cybersecurity to retail, law to youth innovation. During each event, Jax Tech hosts a variety of different speakers, such as previous speakers Darren Bounds, Founder and CEO, Breezy HR, and Craig Mandeville, Founder and CEO, Forcura, all focused on local technology and innovation, with interactive presentations on creative and practical uses of technology.

Hot topics include digital transformation strategies, cloud modernization, business innovation for cloud migration, robotics and AI, and preparing for a data-driven future. Sponsored and organized by Kelly Dyer, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, SourceFuse, this particular annual event is described as ‘a collision of tech, business and culture’

Jacksonville’s largest networking event for technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. It featured different Jax Meetup groups, including:

With community sponsors:

With 61 new Jax Tech members since July 1st 2021, and with strict COVID safety measures in place, people are starting to feel more confident about face-to-face networking.

At this party, around 250 attendees from start-up visionists to entrepreneurial CEOs/CTOs, could exchange ideas and be inspired by one another in a relaxed and fun setting.

While this event purely celebrated being back together again, with food, drinks, live music and robotics displays, it paved the way for a series of speaking events (which will all include the social aspect), which of course includes the long-time innovator ‘crew’ in Jacksonville, such as Matthew Barker, Embedded Software Developer, Sunoptic Technologies, Philip O’Donnell, VP Data Science and Analytics, Adecco, and everyone else who attends year on year. 

The next Jax Tech event, hosted by SourceFuse, focuses on cybersecurity and is to be held on 21st October, 2021. It will feature some of the foremost experts in Jacksonville, including Jordan Walker and Jon West, talking about how cybersecurity is impacting business, software, and technology. Sign up to attend here.

To learn more about SourceFuse, contact us below.

About Jax Tech

Jax Tech is all about innovation and the business of technology in Jacksonville. We are a group of technologists, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and Jax-area technovators, and meet regularly to learn, share, and collaborate. Each meeting allows for interactive presentations on creative and practical use of technology from Jax businesses and startups, and allows for the exchange of new ideas, meeting fellow innovators, and continuing to expand the overall technology scene here in Jax. Come be inspired with us!