We are talented technologists, and professional product builders.

At SourceFuse, we are focused on using our passion for cutting-edge technology and product development to collaborate with companies who want to make an impact in their industry.

Whether you’re part of a startup who needs more hands working on an innovative new app, or an enterprise in need of some outside web, mobility or IoT expertise, we will provide you with the right solution — and quickly.

Rooted in building technology that drives your core business, our focus at SourceFuse is to deliver results today that will lead you into the future. We are constantly evaluating new technologies by their uses, benefits and limitations. This allows us to curate the best technology for your specific project.

Since our founding in 2005, the businesses we partner with can count on us for five core values (and don’t just take our word for it)

We believe in forging trusting relationships. Every step of the way, we will work with you to find and implement the right market approach. Our process, based in Agile methodology, has been refined and optimized over a decade of partner work to quickly build a robust, market-ready product.

What our Clients Say

SourceFuse has been an excellent partner in the development of our product and in launching our business. Their responsiveness has been an important part of helping us realize our vision of helping event professionals respond to a dynamically changing marketplace. -Justin Panzer, CEO, Eventuosity

We are nothing without the forthright and honest approach we take both internally and with the projects we work on. Our success depends on matching words with action in what we deliver.

What our Clients Say

Working with SourceFuse has been a great development experience. We are excited to have been able to partner with folks who are extremely professional and knowledgeable in their fields. From the day-to-day operations of the project, to making sure deadlines are met, SourceFuse surpassed all expectations. -Alex Kyle, VTA Valet

This is an all-encompassing value for us - without a vibrant spirit, our coding and development would fall flat. As technologists, we work with our partners to chart the path forward.

What our Clients Say

Our project needed the ingenuity and expertise to navigate uncharted land when it came to integrating with Uber and Lyft. SourceFuse built us a new standalone product and seamlessly integrated it with our existing systems. -Joe McCullough, One Call Care Management

Well thought-out strategies are great - we love them, and utilize them every day. But they’re nothing unless paired with the quick, agile implementation that is the cornerstone of all of our work.

What our Clients Say

Developing an SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform is hard work, but even tougher when it’s in a brand-new market segment. It means there will be many twists and turns, a pivot or two and some dead ends along the way. SourceFuse has been an excellent partner in our journey by giving us great flexibility in building our technology platform to suit ever-changing client needs and expectations. -Buzztala LLC

Our culture nurtures the personal and professional growth of team members. This includes connecting with our communities through service, dedicating time and resources for cross-training, completing advanced certifications, and participating in continuing education courses. We know nurturing growth internally means that our team will have the support and resources to succeed.

What our Clients Say

If you're looking to take a polished product to the market, you're in the right place. Whether it's an idea you'd like to build from scratch or a mature product that needs feature enhancements, you'll need more than just development. You're going to need a team of professionals that can help you build a holistic solution that plans around all possible challenges that might come up in the process. -David Levine, Founder & CEO, BuzzyDoc

SourceFuse is your on-demand innovation team. Armed with these core values. We will help you to innovate faster, save time and money, and dominate in your market.

We take a long-term focus, partnering with you to navigate not only the initial project, but ensure that its success is lasting.

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Who we are

We are your #Disruption partner - all 150 of us.

With our four geographic locations spanning North America, Europe and Asia, our partners are instantly tapped into a powerful global team with expertise in emerging technologies, as well as remote product development.

Team Spotlight


Project Manager

I love the challenge of applying the latest technologies to my projects to solve real business challenges and always being on the cutting edge of tech.


Product Manager

What I love about being a product manager is that I get to help businesses realize their vision and be a part of the success of their application.

Management Team

Gautam Ghai


A big Foodie. So much so he now owns his own restaurant. Cannot live without his phone and enjoys watching Sci-Fi movies to beat stress.

Kelly Dyer


A technical architect. Kelly is fond of Surfing, Golfing and playing games. He wants to work on improving the nonprofit sector with better use of technology.

Manpreet Singh


Fondly called “M” by his colleagues. M is the ultimate Tech GEEK and leads the technology frat pack. He loves mentoring technocrats.

Kabir Chandhoke


The GNERD (GEEK+NERD) at SF. He is a tech fanatic and also a dog lover. In his free time he likes to run and rock out!!

We would love to hear from you Let’s Talk