Machine Learning Projects

Turning reactive into proactive.

The unique and powerful functionality available in Amazon SageMaker provides the insight to handle your inspiration. Predict customer behavior or build a machine learning pipeline to train networks or datasets.

Data Visualization & Exploration

Interactive charts help you visualize and explore your input datasets to understand data content and distribution.

Real-Time Predictions

Generate billions of predictions and turn them into action with batch APIs.

When thinking about Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence you don't need to understand how the ovens and microwaves are built, you just need to know if the food tastes good. We help you with the recipes.

Delivering the best possible predictions

SageMaker's hyperparameter delivers the best possible predictions by running a large number of training jobs to determine which values are the most impactful.

Advanced Algorithms

We'll get you up and running with custom algorithms that train on distributed hardware, scale incredibly well, and are faster and cheaper than popular alternatives.

Linear Learning

Time-series Forecasting generates a forecast for topline product demand using Amazon SageMaker's Linear Learner algorithm.

Making Machine Learning Easily Accessible

Harness What You Have

Data is everywhere and in everything. We help collect & prepare it for training and use pre-built notebooks to solve common problems.

Optimize An Algorithm

High-performance algorithms already exist, start fine-tuning a pre-baked algorithm to meet your needs with one-click training on the highest performing infrastructure.

Train Once And Run Anywhere

We make it easy to scale the production environment with fully managed auto-scaling.