Industry Solutions

Successful healthcare software development should be different.

Developing successful healthcare software demands a deep understanding of technology, regulatory, interoperability requirements, and most importantly the user.

User Requirements

In-depth understanding of patient needs to design behaviour changing applications


Using big and small data to write the best code on the correct framework.


Balancing privacy with usability and HIPAA regulations.

Our A-Typical Approach:

Different from traditional enterprise software, Healthcare software solutions demand a deep understanding of regulatory and interoperability requirements while understanding the nuances related to handling confidential records.


Connecting Patients & Drivers.

Re-engineering Lyft to work inside a highly regulated industry.

We created an app for patients and their healthcare managers to book non-emergency transportation. We also created a driver-side app for contracted and approved drivers to navigate and manage their customers.

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Aperio Health

All-In-One Health Intelligence.

Carrying the load of multiple products.

Architected for multi-channel care delivery Aperio incorporates clinical operations, financial/revenue cycle management, and administration into one HIPAA Compliant SaaS product.

Silversphere Solutions

The engine that instantly activates emergency calls.

Connecting caregivers with information.

Built to integrate with legacy hardware, Stratos provides instant and anywhere access to important emergency call system data, alerts, and resident information.

Custom Healthcare Solutions and Integrations

Product innovation isn’t the result of simply implementing cool new technology or great visual design. It comes from human-centered research and design that engages your customers.

Medical Device integration

We utilize our deep expertise in software development, device integration, and connected care to develop technologies that deliver innovative capabilities and keep patients engaged with their care.


Our compliance, workflow, and clinical expertise help biotech and life sciences companies realize operational efficiencies. We've created multiple products that optimize prescription delivery, transport, and payment processes.

Healthcare Software

Software solutions that support healthcare providers’ roles and missions, improve healthcare delivery and empower patients to manage their wellness.

Collaborating with businesses to disrupt the medical industry and surpass existing expectations.

Complying with crucial privacy and safety regulations.

Facility Information Systems

We have experience streamlining administrative, financial, patient, and clinical operations. With custom solutions that run end-to-end Hospital and Clinic Information Systems (HIS/CIS).  Optimizing workflows for clinical and non-clinical institutions.

Patient Management Systems

We’ve built customized SaaS products to handle outpatient and inpatient workflows. With features to handle patient registration, room assignments, patient monitoring systems, and patient status.