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About The Website

Whalebonemag is a favorite media channel that aims at bringing fresh digital content every day centered around sun surf and entertainment. Appealing images and exquisite content is the core value oozing out of every pixel of the website that speaks all things sun surf n style.


Simply put, Whalebone is a hybrid brand and media company. The longer answer is that Whalebone is a project that will spawn a new favorite media channel complete with fresh digital content every day, a killer print publication, legendary events, and the best social feed in New York. For the past 4 years, Whalebone Media’s sister company, Whalebone Creative, has established itself as the leading apparel brand to come out of East End.

Inspired by the East End of Long Island’s unique culture and lifestyle, Whalebone Media celebrates the authentic stories, events and happenings in a style that pleases the soul.

WhaleBone idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The Client needed a simple Content Management system that was easy to use and update. SourceFuse uses WordPress as the CMS. HTML 5 and jQuery for the visual interactive.

The Result

An exquisite website categorized smartly and an advanced backend facilitating automatic selection of posts and easy update of sections of the website.

WhaleBone result
WhaleBone Website