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About SalesGPS

‘Sales’ the small this word seems, the greater is its impact for any business. And it is very easy to loose track of your sales so here we come up with an idea of SalesGPS management software which gives the managers insight into the sales pipeline, dashboards and sales reports. So, if you want to predict your company’s revenue and forecast sales SalesGPS is the right thing for you.


Al Dente Analytics is the company behind SalesGPS. Based in Orlando, Florida and established in 2013, Al Dente employs B2B sales experts and data scientists from across the globe having a deep domain expertise in sales and marketing, and are adept at applying best practices from some of the world’s leading corporations to entrepreneurial and mid-size businesses.

The easier your software is to use the more popularity it will gain. Keeping all the aspects in mind we give a software which is intuitive, user friendly and pleasant looking. The user friendliness and the ease of access define the usability of the software considering the customer requirements in the right way.

SalesGps idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The client needed a software which was easy to use and easily adaptable to the salesforce functionality. SourceFuse uses MVC(Model-View-Controller) design pattern. The server is written in Laravel MVC framework, a clean and classy framework which helps you create applications using simple, expressive syntax. Usage of My SQL database ensures flexibility, high performance and strong data protection.

"Talented team that is capable of going from concept to execution very fast. Have been most pleased with the process and support the team has provided once v1 was launched, as we work together to enhance the solution based on market feedback. Great team. Great value. Trusted partner."

Andy Martin, Founder & CEO SalesGPS

The Result

A business friendly software that establishes accurate sales planning to ensure fast, well informed and rich business outcomes. Whether it is increasing conversion rates or shortening lead-to-bookings cycle, the solution provides enhanced results.

SalesGps result
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