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About  aims to enable the buyers to make informed choices about the products they buy online. The choice of easy yet informed decisions…and Price does exactly that! The web platform provides an amalgamation of details of the products along with their specifications, reviews and ratings given by a cross-section of existing customers across various products such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, cameras, electronic items, kitchen and home appliances, apparels, footwear, beauty and health care products, books and what not! Apart from just enabling consumers to gain from buying on the best prices from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong etc.,  also offers discount coupons, cash-back and vouchers to add to the joy of shopping.

HOW IT BEGAN is India’s fastest price comparison site for white goods including mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers. Other sites offering price comparison confused customers rather then helping them make their purchase decision. SourceFuse provided a clean looking website that provided accurate prices across India’s most popular ecommerce sites. uses sophisticated sentiment analysis algorithms that reads and analyzes thousands of product reviews. Customers figure out what people feel about the product via simple Emojis. is made in India for Indians and is available in Hindi.

The Technology

The website is built using Express – A web application framework for node node.js – expressjs. The web platform uses Algolia Search API’s for search recommendations, the site is designed to gather latest product prices and other information from leading Indian E-Commerce web sites via APIs and/or web scraping. Multiple Lambda functions which respond based on algos to return the results, the collected Data is then stored in MongoDB for further processing. This helps us to keep costs super low as we can tweak the frequency of these jobs based on the update patterns of our ecommerce sites and our internal algorithm.

SourceFuse understood our vision and delivered exactly what we were looking for. Our site is fast, accurate and has the best user experience compared to the competition. SourceFuse engineered our website on AWS and were able to keep infrastructure costs for us very very low which is important for am early stage startup like ours. We are excited to keep working together on as we target a million active monthly users.  

- Bharatt Malik, CEO,

The Result

A platform that makes comparing prices across many eCom sites effortless! result Website