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About Prastuti Designs

Prastuti Designs grew out love for craftsmanship that goes in creating Saris, Shawls, Scarves and Decorative Borders. Handcrafted with hours and hours of labour, here the philosophy of fashion is that fashion is timeless, and the creation becomes an intrinsic part of the wearer. With over 25 years of experience, Prastuti crafts beautiful products from traditionally inspired designs. Completely handmade, Prastuti believes in nurturing their Karirgars and the karigiri that becomes its soul.


Prastuti Designs, erstwhile Prastuti Sarees held its first exhibition in 2000 in Mumbai. Since then Prastuti has set up manufacturing units in heart of Bengal, wherein with three key ustagars, they now have over 700 women involved in creating timeless pieces to wear. Prastuti Designs in all its connotation is a true social enterprise, where in they take deep pride in empowering women in the areas near their manufacturing units. All its employees barring a handful are women, who are integral earning members of their families.

The Technology

Prastuti Designs is a CMS website, built on WordPress, and hosted on WPEngine. The website is styled to showcase the intricate works of art that the brand produces. The website uses HTML5 and jQuery to add effects to the pages.

The Result

The result is a visual treat of a website, which believes in making product its star.

Prastuti result
Prastuti Website