One Percent

In an uncertain world, these connections allow you and me to do more for our big blue planet than we can alone.

About One Percent for the Planet

One percent for the planet connects businesses, consumers and non profits. Empowering all of us to drive big positive change. A decade ago, two entrepreneurs had a vision: to join forces and use their businesses as the engines of positive environmental change.


One percent for the planet is a platform that allows Businesses to meet their pledge to donate 1% of their revenue to Nonprofits which have been vetted and empaneled by the 1% network. The site provides a directory to browse partners, pay membership dues and file donations made, as well as allows partners and members to blog about their work.

The design of the website was made working closely with the One Percent team, where the true brand identity of One Percent was easily seen.

One Percent idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

A bespoke WordPress implementation, Core technologies used are PHP, MySQL, SOAP API and Salesforce.

The Result

Built over a duration of one year of collaboration between SourceFuse and one Percent, the site is a popular online source for recruiting business members and non profit partners.

One Percent result
One Percent Website