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About MyNutrition

MyNutrition is the exclusive representative of NBTY Inc. brand in India. US based NBTY Inc., is the No. #1 dietary supplements company in the world, and has a portfolio of some of the most recognized brands in the business worldwide like Nature’s Bounty, Osteo Bi-Flex, Pure Protein, Ester C, Solgar, Holland & Barrett, Met-Rx etc. MyNutrition is in the process of setting up a pan India distribution network through Pharmacies, Gyms, Spas, Nutrition centers and online stores and also plans to open a chain of Nutrition Retail centers across the metros.


MyNutrition Supplements Pvt. Ltd. was founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts. Started as an online portal, the company branched into distributions and sales and is now the exclusive representative in India of world-renowned supplement brands. Since 2009 the aim has been to deliver quality products to our customers, along with building and sharing knowledge about diet, fitness and supplementation.

The Idea

The website has been revamped with easy navigation, generating faster results for searches, to help the community of people who like to visit for advice and shop at for all their nutrition and supplement needs. MyNutrition’s mission is to educate their consumers to understand nutritional and supplement needs better!

MyNutrition idea

Wireframe to Design illustration

The Technology

The technology stack consists of Magento, HTML, Java scripts and PHP.

The Result

The new website is up and running, and, MyNutrition is continuing to generate better communication with the community of people that have joined them in their mission.

MyNutrition result
MyNutrition Website