Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO)

About The Website

The Marist Poll is a national public opinion poll operated by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO) on the campus of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. The poll, founded in 1978, was one of the first college-based public opinion polls in the United States. MIPO regularly measures public opinion, both in New York State and across the country. The Marist Poll is highly respected, and is often cited by journalists and pundits around the world.


To broadcast better polling news, the design has been made fluid and responsive to the various devices available in the market; making it easy for the end user to engage.

While most of the polls are political in nature, MIPO does frequently conduct polls deemed to be in other areas of public interest. Other subjects commonly polled by MIPO include sports, economics, society and technology.

MaristPoll idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The Client needed a simple Content Management system that was easy to use and update. SourceFuse uses WordPress as the CMS. HTML 5 and jQuery for the visual interactive. Custom designed Map Function and Graphs for polls.

The Result

The custom designed website is ready to go in production and engage with its users on a whole new level.

MaristPoll result