About The Website

LinkMD is a strategic communications company supporting medical offices and healthcare entities, who are seeking customized, affordable, and practical hands-on solutions. Whether you are a physician practice, medical group, ACO, hospital or other medical related entity trying to establish your online presence, augmenting your current message, or boosting your marketing efforts, LinkMD makes serving your health care business and its needs our top priority. LinkMD focuses on providing our clients with comprehensive web-based medical marketing solutions that improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of their businesses.


In 2009, Elizabeth Yarbrough founded The Doctor’s Bag as a medical website company for physician practices. With physician practices being acquired quickly by healthcare systems, The Doctor’s Bag shifted its focus and began working with the marketing departments of several hospital systems as an outsourced digital marketing arm. Rebranding under the name LinkMD as the company is all about linking providers to each other and patients to providers. Today, LinkMD is a premier provider of customized web-based medical marketing solutions that work seamlessly together to achieve organic search results.

  • LINKMD design


    SourceFuse had the opportunity to partner with LinkMD to design and develop their innovative public directory and admin panel. The admin panel minimize their

  • LINKMD development


    A dedicated team of coders and designers worked closely to create an easy to use app.

  • LINKMD delivery


    Repeatedly tested, easy and fast to access app with all the goodness of digital world.

LinkMD is focused on providing  clients with comprehensive web-based medical marketing solutions designed to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.


Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The site has an Apache server, uses PHP as the programming language and has jQuery and Backbone.js to jazz up the website.

Kelly, Betsy and the team at SourceFuse are amazing. They always meet a deadline and the quality of work is superior. I have enjoyed working with them since Day 1 and look forward to many more years together. They are a great team!

Elizabeth Yarbrough (LinkMD)

The Result

Result is an intuitive and user friendly website.

LINKMD result
LINKMD Website