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Engage, Evolve and Express.

About Learning Olympiads

Learning Olympiads, a series of Olympiads, is an initiative by Learning Links Foundation. Learning Links Foundation (LLF) is a Not-for-Profit Trust, established in 2002, with a vision to foster a future where education is optimally delivered and learning is truly inspired, following their motto to Engage, Evolve and Express. With active support from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, NeGD, Digital India and UNICEF, Learning Olympiads is aimed to encourage students to participate in the learning process meaningfully with a renewed sense of self belief and self-confidence. The first Olympiad ‘Digital Citizenship & Cyber Wellness Olympiad’ – is intended to prepare students become responsible netizens and be aware of their actions on online.

The Olympiad

Unlike traditional olympiads, ‘Learning Olympiads’ intends to strive towards development of 21st century skills among students comprising collaboration, cognitive/critical thinking and communication skills including technology aligned with key life skills defined by the school boards. The series of ‘olympiads’ or ‘quizzes’ designed for students of different age groups along with teachers and other individuals who may want to understand these current topics to be aware.


The Learning Olympiad platform is based on WordPress and gives complete access to the admin to add age defined quizzes. The platform is built with special focus on different audiences, it is a distinctive platform to test aptitude and provide accolades at various levels. With over 6 lakhs schools in India and expectations of high traffic, the platform has been hosted on AWS and optimized using AWS AutoScaling to adjust for handling a load of lakhs of Olympiads simultaneously without any manual interventions.


A robust site, developed for holding olympiads online, across India.

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