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About The Website

For nursing mothers, the website provides evidenced based facts, real-time developmental information, interactive tools to generate clinical growth charts for infants (birth to 36 months) as well as Children & Adolescents (2 to 20 years) and real lactation support to help them raise healthy babies.


INurseMyBaby.com (INMB) was established to be an all-inclusive, online resource to assist breastfeeding mothers in growing healthy babies. Dr. Ashraf Affan, MD, is the founder and director of inursemybaby.com. He is also the medical director of Angel Kids Pediatrics, in Jacksonville, FL.


INMB being a healthcare website containing PHI data, application has been designed to comply with HIPAA privacy and security rules and deployed on Microsoft Azure. The stack consists of: CakePHP Web Framework, PHP Programming Language, jQuery JavaScript Framework, Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.6 MySQL


The result is an intuitive and responsive website that provide interactive tools, timely notifications and expert answers to nursing mothers right at their fingertips!

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