Go Pull-it

A place for all car enthusiasts to read about the latest on the tips and tricks around their machines.

About The Website

Florida’s premier self-service auto recycling facility established in 2013. GO Pull-It has the capacity to dismantle over 1,000 cars monthly, de-fluid the vehicles under one roof with state of the art equipment ensuring no unwanted fluids enter the environment, and provide a safe, clean, organized 25 acres for customers to pull off any part they need at unbelievable low prices.


GO Pull-It was founded and built from the ground up in 2013 by Jason Finley and Brian Shell and is Florida’s premiere self-service auto recycling facility.

The GPI team wanted its followers to have a Blog which would be engrossing and provide neat tips and tricks for the users.

Go Pull-it idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The site has an Apache server, uses PHP as a programming language and has jQuery to jazz up the website.

The Result

An awesome blogging site that connects with its users on all social media bringing to them the latest news on the neat tips and tricks from the experts.

Go Pull-it result
Go Pull-it Website