Points For The Perfect Patient

About BuzzyDoc

BuzzyDoc is a tool for doctors to reward and positively enforce good patient behaviour. While patients can log in, browse and review their favourite doctors in the area, doctors can reward patients, generate referrals and review other doctors in the area. The system gamifies the entire doctor-patient relationship and makes it a more engaging experience.


Starting out as a standard patient loyalty management system, David had a vision to take things to the next level and the idea for BuzzyDoc was conceived. To broadcast better polling news, the design has been made fluid and responsive to the various decvices available in the market; making it easy for the end user to engage.

The loyalty management program was unheard of in the hospitality services. BuzzyDoc is one of the first such application.

BuzzyDoc idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The technology stack consists of:

  • CakePHP Web Framework

  • PHP 5.3.28 Programming Language

  • jQueryJavascript Framework

  • jQuery UI 1.11.2 Javascript Framework

  • OWL Carousel Widget

  • BuzzyDoc design


    Partnered with the founders to conceptualize and design the application. Simple and Attractive.

  • BuzzyDoc development


    A dedicated team of coders and designers worked closely to create an easy to use app.

  • BuzzyDoc delivery


    Repeatedly tested, easy and fast to access app with all the goodness of the digital world.

"If you're looking to take a polished product to the market, you're in the right place. Whether it's an idea you'd like to build from scratch or a mature product that needs feature enhancements, you'll need more than just development. You're going to need a team of professionals that can help you build a holistic solution that plans around all possible challenges that might come up in the process. SourceFuse is the perfect answer and has been for my company and others like it for years. I'd recommend this company to anyone."

David Levine, Founder & CEO, BuzzyDoc

The Result

A custom web application that is easy to understand and simple to use. Which promotes lead and traffic generation

BuzzyDoc Website