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About The Website

A platform that connects Parents and Parents-to-be based on their preferences and enables them to engage with each other in discovering and buying the most trusted products for their children.


When first pregnant with her son, Co-Founder Tamanna Dhamija, started thinking about the things to buy for him, and was overwhelmed with the whole process! Researching online and conflicting reviews only added to the confusion. In the end what came to her rescue was valuable advice from her friends who had children and ofcourse the experts (pediatrician /lactation expert etc.) – And that’s what got her thinking about how in this time and age where technology is present in every part of our life from hailing a cab to finding someone to date, why is it that there is no platform that connects moms to create a community that can recommend and discover the best products for their children.

The Technology

An eCommerce site with a full featured social platform, Baby Destination, is built using Magento for the eCommerce sections of the application and a Nodejs application for the social features. Read more here.

The Result

A social network, where parents get to discover, create, share & shop the best and most trusted children’s clothes and other products from across the globe.

Baby Destination result
Baby Destination Website