A Mobile Marketplace for Micro-Influencers.


Founder Monica needed a better and scalable alternative to the countless hours she spent researching influential mom-bloggers in local markets to help launch her children's toy company.

About FlipperSplash

FlipperSplash is a platform that allows brands to connect with valuable micro and macro social influencers. They have created a marketplace for both brands and influencers to communicate and establish baselines for collaboration. FlipperSplash has created a one-stop-platform for building and managing social advertising and influencer business relationships.

The Solution

Word-of-mouth marketing made beautifully simple.

We built a native iOS and Android app for FlipperSplash which Brands and Influencers both use. An in-app admin panel exists for client and customer management, scheduling, and communication. Search is geo-targeted and opportunities are easily findable and available for everyone.

The Technology

FlipperSplash is a single page app built with VueJS with APIs exposed via an ExpressJS that talks to a Postgres Database with an implementation of Elastic Search powering gig and brand searches. The entire application infrastructure is deployed on Amazon AWS following the well-architected framework which is the industry standard for security, scalability, and reliability.