We focus on five main values – integrity, vibrancy, agility, nurture and partner success. We deliver on these by intently executing our process.

Since 2005, we have been busy building full-scale web and mobile SaaS products, web apps and custom solutions. We have also been busy building our process. We know that without it, there is only missed deadlines and blown budgets.

By transparently laying out who you will be working with, and what you can expect from each stage, there is no wasted time or effort. This process is optimized to build a robust, market-ready product as quickly as possible.

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  • Meet the Team

    A project with us is a partnership, so the first step will be introducing you to your dedicated Project Manager (PM). This means that you will always talk to the same person about your project, and they will be on top of what’s happening at all times.

    Your PM will schedule your kickoff call, where your project team will deep dive into the high-level business considerations of your project, and the technical requirements. This includes setting you up on JIRA, so the entire team can track all project-related documents.

    Following the kickoff call, you will have weekly calls with your SourceFuse team. These meetings will follow an overall communication pla Read More
  • Develop a Design Philosophy

    This is especially important in the design phase. You and your product team will work with a UI/UX designer to come up with a clear visual layout that reflect the overall philosophy of your product.

    You will get to see the look and feel of your app before it’s even built. After design approval, a prototype of the app will be passed directly onto target groups and early adopters for critical and strategic feedback.

    This is the point where a solid foundation for your application will be laid. A DevOps Architect - keeping in mind user experience, security, and costs - works with your product team to come up with the technical architecture and data m Read More
  • An API-First Approach

    Modern applications need to have multiple interfaces such as web, mobile, and the expanding array of smart devices. A solid API, created and tested by our Dev and QA teams, will ensure that your application will perform seamlessly across devices and other third-party integrations.
  • Agile Methodology

    We move quickly, but strategically. With an agile methodology and mindset, we plan two-week timeframes called sprints. At the end of a sprint, you will receive a working feature (or user stories) of your app that are ready for review.

    Because communication and management are high priorities, all sprints are planned and tracked in JIRA. We don’t believe in chasing moving targets, so you will see real progress with your project, happening in real time.

    Your PM will provide you with a report at the end of each sprint that will list known bugs and include release notes. This offers the opportunity for feedback at regular intervals - which ensures that both the vis Read More
  • Mission: Pre-Launch

    Once all sprints are complete, it’s time to prepare for your product’s launch. Our DevOps team will ready the production environment, while the QA team drills the infrastructure to set it up for reliability and scale.

    As always, your PM is working with you and for you. They will share the required access credentials, alongside any help documentation created.
  • Launch Day

    The team is invested in the success of the project, and works rigorously to ensure that your app will operate smoothly on launch day. We’ve got your back with a free warranty period that begins when your app goes live, should any bugs or user issues arise.
  • We’re Your Partners for the Long Term

    By the time your project launches, we have helped you to innovate faster, save time and money, and dominate in your market. And we don’t plan on stopping there.

    With our long-term focus, a partnership with your project team means not only navigating the initial project, but ensuring that its success is lasting. We are here as your product team and able to continue with you along the way as you build, iterate, and grow.

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