About The App

The Water Finder is a fun & free way to Find, Review and Share Water locations around the world. Add refill locations worldwide and share with friends amongst the WaterFinder community. Filtered water stations, public drinking fountains, businesses and institutions that offer free water refills, any location that people can use to refill is perfect for the WaterFinder App.


Stu Bowen, Navrin Fox and Dan Ross are 3 surfers with a love for the ocean. Over years of traveling to pristine locations worldwide they quickly became concerned at the amounts of single use plastic bottles polluting their playground.

That concern triggered something within. A year of collaboration with businesses and nonprofits, and many waves later the 3 decided to launch a campaign to reduce single use plastic from entering their beloved ocean. The company exists to cultivate a movement to ‘Protect our Playground’ by shifting the convenience of single use bottled water to re-usable bottles that won’t end up in the ocean. The name explaining our vision perfectly is 1 BOTTLE FOR LIFE. To make 1 BOTTLE FOR LIFE part of a win-win culture shift we designed a smart phone APP called ‘The Water Finder’.

The WaterFinder idea

The Technology

The Waterfinder is a native iOS app that integrates with Google Maps to provide accurate locations for water refill locations.

  • At the back end we have exposed scalable RESTful services that the app consumes and are future proof to be used with other platforms as well.

  • Login with Facebook has been integrated along with open graph actions to gamify the adding of bottles and sharing of location to add virality to the concept.

"It wasn't an easy project since no one had actually made an app like 'The Water Finder'. A friend put us in contact with SF and from our very 1st conversation they got what we were trying to create. We pushed really hard, we asked for things within our app that hadn't been done before. To keep it short, 3 months later (the exact time frame SF gave us) we have an app we are super proud of. The best part for me though was their communication, if they said they'd have an answer the next day then they would. That’s exactly what you need when your running a business, SourceFuse I highly recommend them."

Stu Bowen (Founder, The WaterFinder)

The Result

A 1% For The Planet Ambassador initiative, this app is all set to help you save the ocean and become part of a global movement.

The WaterFinder result