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About The App

A marketplace for trading tickets and one of its kind comprehensive meet-up site geared towards the desire to attend live music events with new and interesting people. Its interactive design provides a new platform solution for music lovers worldwide to connect with others who share similar musical interests. As a framework for the next evolution in live music event and meet-up sites, Tailmater’s goal is to provide a high quality and efficient user interface that will accommodate avid concert, festival, and live event fan bases.


TailMaterS, a brainchild of Martin and Brian, was created over drinks and music – with Martin, an avid dating and meet-up site user and live music fan, looking for a way to connect with people who not only shared a love for certain artists, but would actually be looking to connect based on a passion for attending live events and Brian who comes with over a decade of experience of producing in the music industry, working with numerous artists, and an avid live concertgoer, being hooked on the idea, instantly.

Tailmaters idea

Wireframe to actual Design Illustration


Backend’s created using MeteorJS moving away from the conventional API driver approach. MeteorJS smooths all the data communication with real time publish/subscribe updates to provide a quick and super user experience. Native iOS app’s built using the Swift programming language utilizing the MVVM design model. Facebook and Spotify APIs leveraged to let music lovers easily login with one click while the app receives all their favorite artists and musical tastes. Clever backend algorithm further recommends users People, Artists and Events based on their taste. Users even get to purchase concert tickets right off the app, supported by Seatgeek API.

"SourceFuse has been a great help in teaching us the process of building an APP from the ground up and allowing TailmaterS to focus on growing our business. Sourcefuse would be a valuable asset for any startup APP business with little or no experience in the market. We at TailmaterS are proud of the work they delivered. Sourcefuse staff are honest, reliable, responsive, personable and very knowledgable. I am very grateful for their contributions to our company.”

– Brian Myers, Co-Founder, TailmaterS LLC

The Result

Tailmaters result
Tailmaters Website