Choose the way you sweat wherever you are

About The App

PLANK is a fitness enabler, a passport to your favourite gyms and classes. Sign-up, book the class/gym of your choice and you’re good to go. You can walk into any gym you choose and kick-off your routine by simply showing the app.


PLANK was started by fitness enthusiasts, who wanted to spread the same enthusiasm around. But they realised that most people hesitate to make a commitment to fitness because either they think its to hard to get into, or inconvenient due to the distances they would have to travel to do their workouts. Hence PLANK!

Plank is a one of a kind app, where the brief was to create an app with engaging UI/UX with a  third party payment gateway.

PLANK idea

The Technology

  • PLANK is a sophisticated native app with deceptively simple interface for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • It integrates with Google maps for providing locations and distance calculation.

  • Incorporates PayU for subscribing to plans and making instant payments for m-commerce.

  • App also integrates with Facebook and Google+ for a quick and convenient login.

  • On iOS, PLANK uses Storyboard to identify navigation/model relationships in the most efficient manner by helping reduce the amount of Glue Code written.

The Result

Result is an app that enables you to just walk into any gym of your choice and kick-off your routine by simply showing the app.

PLANK result