Voice messaging to the Orb, not the phone

About The App

OrbMi is the answer to the missing answering machine for our modern social mobile age. It’s not for the messages we missed, it’s the answer for the messages we aren’t getting or sending the way we should, with our voice. OrbMi makes voice messaging relevant again by taking it away from our phone and sending it to our Orb. OrbMi combines a mobile application with The Orb, a hardware device. The mobile application allows you to record a rich voice message, accompanied by a colored light. The voice is sent to the receiver’s Orb and they can hear it whenever they are free, without any disruption or alert on their phone. Know more on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

What Is OrbMi ?

The OrbMi project started with the motto – to make voice messaging relevant again. To achieve their goals, OrbMi has introduced new technology to change how people interact and communicate. Mobile technology and social networking applications have traditionally been ‘sender focused’, which gives us better ways to connect with people we care about the least,  OrbMi brings focus back to the message receiver to improve communication with our closest connections.

OrbMi combines the Orb hardware device for the reception and playback of messages merging voice with an emoticon of light sent through a mobile application. It connects two parties with different schedules at the perfect time by allowing the sender to use their mobile device to send their rich voice message to their Orb contacts, without any disturbance to their mobile or wearable devices.

OrbMi idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

OrbMi Benefits

The OrbMi project combines an iOS and Android mobile application and managed server architecture to help users record and send colored LED light patterns and rich voice messages to an application specific hardware device called The Orb. The technology solution delivery has been created to ensure convenience, simplicity, and speed through all aspects of the software design, network data management, and hardware and firmware integration.

If you want to find a project with challenges, OrbMi has it all. The project needed usability improvements from the original V1 software design, and because of the tight project deadlines, both the iOS and Android mobile applications needed to be developed simultaneously. Additionally, a strategic forward looking approach for the server structure and maintenance was needed for proper pre-launch planning, and more importantly, everything in the system needed to work with a hardware product and technology that was still being invented while the project began. SourceFuse Technologies was the only partner we could trust with it all.

Andrew Ruppar (Co-Founder, ORB)

The Result

Conveniently share voice messages with your closest friends and family without “voice bother”. Send it to their Orb, not to their phone.

OrbMi result