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About The App

Craving some delicious Chinese food? Good, because we are here with an innovative way to deliver to you some perfect lip smacking Chinese food, and that too, wherever you are – home, office or just about anywhere else. Be ready to order in these three easy-peasy steps! Step #1 Tap to tell us where you are, Step #2 Choose what will satisfy your hunger, Step #3 Order and enjoy! This App is Push Button Chinese for all foodies out there. It helps to order Chinese food in the simplest way by combining aesthetic designs with real-time ordering and tracking.


There is no dearth of good Chinese food here in Delhi… be it on the streets or fine dining restaurants, AND, getting them to deliver to the cozy comfort of ones’ home is sadly nonexistent or very inconsistent! Realizing this, two foodies Puneet & Gautam, who love good food in all shapes and forms, decided to start their chain of great quality Chinese food – delivered right at your doorstep sans hassle. “Happy Hakka” was thus born, making it easy for people to place orders, for deliveries or just simple take-away… The next natural step was to create a delivery focused app to make the food delivery process even simpler – delivering yummy Chinese right to your doorstep, Happy-Lee!

Happy Hakka uses Social API’S making it easier for the app to integrate with the social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Also uses the gateways for the verification of phone number being used and for sending out invites to friends or partners to download and enjoy the app.

Happy Hakka idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The Happy Hakka app is drop dead simple, it makes ordering food fun on the native Android and iOS app.

  • The backend is built using the lightweight Node.JS server that exposes the industry standard RESTful JSON API that is consumed by the mobile apps and the restaurant admin area.

  • The restaurant admin area is an easy to use (for restaurant and delivery staff) web-based admin area where orders are received and managed and provides real-time analytical data that helps streamline inventory and improve profitability. The admin area is created using the highly responsive Angular.JS framework.

  • Happy Hakka design


    Partnered with the founders to conceptualize and design the application. Simple and Attractive.

  • Happy Hakka development


    A dedicated team of coders and designers worked closely to create an easy to use app.

  • Happy Hakka delivery


    Repeatedly tested, easy and fast to access app with all the goodness of the digital world.

SourceFuse has been an exceptional partner from the very start. By delivering on an easy to use, well structured web presence with well structured and thought out creatives - the team @SourceFuse has really moved the Happy Hakka brand to a different level. We're excited to continue our tech journey with the team here and use technology to innovate and provide an amazing food delivery experience to our customers.

Puneet Saini (Founder, The Happy Hakka)

The Result

A perfectly branded app with all the fun’ness, and quality food, with focused fast delivery is soon to go live!

Happy Hakka result
Last updated: February 19, 2018