Founder's Vision

Over $29B was spent last year on event technology yet the people who plan those events are still using manual processes for logistics, collaboration and task management. The vision for Eventuosity is to bridge the event-tech gap between registration and post-event analytics by automating and standardizing the planning process for virtually any event type. Today, we have delivered the first cloud-based toolkit for event professionals that moves management out of spreadsheets, their inbox and other poorly suited ‘tools’ into an intelligent, connected application built around an events workflow.


Justin Panzer is the person in the group who organizes events. Known for his prowess with a color-coded & formula-laden spreadsheet, Justin knew there was an easier way. So to create a tool for managing events without being too ‘technological’ he recruited his mom, Marcy, to be the voice of non-techie reason. Add Justin’s brother Doug, the family IT guy, and Eventuosity was born.

Eventuosity is a web and mobile application for event planners to manage the people, places and things that make event participation a success. Whether you manage corporate meetings, trade shows, marketing tours, or social outings- Eventuosity is the single tool that allows you to Plan Anything by Planning For Everything.

Eventuosity idea

The Technology

Eventuosity is built with the following in mind:

  • Scale - The REST API is built with scalable MVC PHP architecture and Mongo DB.

  • Usability - The platform offers different feature sets depending on the role of the users. Event managers (or admins) can use the large form factor web interface from their offices to carefully plan events, add locations, tasks, budgets and attendees. Admins can also use the mobile apps (iOS and Android) to manage their events on the go using real time chat and push notifications for alerts and updates.

  • Attendees are kept informed about the latest happenings in the event and can use the mobile apps to track their tasks, event locations, add expenses.

SourceFuse has been an excellent partner in the development of our product and in launching our business. Their responsiveness has been an important part of helping us realize our vision of helping event professionals respond to a dynamically changing marketplace. In addition to their technical expertise, SourceFuse has offered insight and guidance based on experience working with other emerging technology companies.

Justin Panzer (CEO, eventuosity)

The Result

SourceFuse helped the client right from inception taking the lead in conceptualizing, designing and building the entire suite of web and mobile apps that is now getting a lot of interest and traction from event planners. SourceFuse is still working with the client and is building new features for the V2 release.

Eventuosity result
Last updated: January 15, 2019