About The App

Dakaar is a collation of interesting videos, across all genres, from all over the world, to provide you with entertainment on the go. Dakaar is the place where you get to see all the remarkable videos from far and near, a place to showcase your talents, a place to go to when you need some inspiration.


Shwetabh and Suharsh were travelling in the metro and saw people watching videos on their phones. But the problem was that where do you get these videos. So, both brothers came up with the idea of an app, which can provide endless videos that people can watch on the go. Thus ‘Dakaar’ was born.

Dakaar leverages the Amazon’s cloud front CDN server to seamlessly deliver videos.

Dakaar idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

The technology stack consists of:

  • PHP Framework - CodeIgnitor

  • Admin area created with Bootstrap/AngularJS

  • Mobile - Android

  • DB - MySQL

  • Environment - AWS

  • Ad Server - Google AdMob

  • Dakaar design


    Partnered with the founders to conceptualize and design the application. Simple and Attractive.

  • Dakaar development


    A dedicated team of coders and designers worked closely to create an easy to use app.

  • Dakaar delivery


    Repeatedly tested, easy and fast to access app with all the goodness of digital world.

SourceFuse have been true partners from day one. They've supported our effort fully, held us by the hand when we needed it, shown us the way and gone along with us all the way. They've put up with our demands, made iterations and as a result we have a product in record time. And they serve the best, freshly brewed ice coffee in this part of the world. Thanks a bunch guys, we will always owe you one!

Dakaar Team

The Result

A funky app. Just open and watch videos, no searching, no junk, just good stuff!

Dakaar result