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About The App

The Buzztala Organic Video Ad Network is giving brands and retailers better ROI on search marketing budgets with our Product Video Ads (PVAs). These short video product summaries capture top organic search positions and deliver industry-leading CTRs. With our technology platform and presenter network, Buzztala can produce videos featuring real people at scale for millions of products.


Buzztala is reinventing product discovery by giving retailers an effective option to Google search ads while offering consumers a visual, mobile way to find products. Buzztala’s PVA (Product Video Ad) units are short video product review summaries that capture first page search positions and produce industry leading CTRs (click through rates).

With our technology platform and presenter network Buzztala can produce videos featuring real people at scale for millions of products. Search advertising is dominated by Google which offers retailers two main products — text ads and Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

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The Technology

Buzztala produces short (30 second) video product review summaries that are published to leading video sites like YouTube and Dailymotion. Since Google and Bing both give prominent search result placement to video these reviews generally surface on the first page of product search results for many keywords. Buzztala PVAs are outperforming Google PLAs by at least 50% and Google text ads by 100%.

  • The Buzztala platform is built on a scalable MVC PHP architecture that allows for literally thousand of videos to be recorded, edited and processed each day.

  • The videos are recorded by a network of Buzztala presenters with the help of iOS and Android apps built by SourceFuse. We were able to reduce cost by getting rid of the expensive Adobe Flash media server with a small upfront cost of creating apps for iOS and Android that leveraged the excellent video recording capabilities offered by today's smartphones.

  • These videos are then moderated, edited and published by the Buzztala platform automatically on social networks such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Facebook.

  • Clients of the Buzztala network are provided with highly accurate CPC and view analytics that are combined from the various social APIs used.


  • Buzztala design


    Partnered with the founders to conceptualize and design the application. Simple and Attractive.

  • Buzztala development


    A dedicated team of coders and designers worked closely to create an easy to use app.

  • Buzztala delivery


    Repeatedly tested, easy and fast to access app with all the goodness of the digital world.

"Developing a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform is hard work but even tougher when it’s in a brand-new market segment. It means there will be many twists and turns, a bit pivot or two and some dead ends along the way. SourceFuse has been an excellent partner in our journey by giving us great flexibility in building our technology platform to suit ever-changing client needs and expectations. By tapping into SourceFuse’s broad resource pool we have been able to quickly deploy new technologies on new platforms without having to go through a lengthy hiring process. At the same time we’ve been able to focus our attention on listening to clients in order to get the right product-market fit more efficiently."

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The Result

An easy to use Organic Video Ad Network, giving brands and retailers better ROI on search marketing budgets.

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