How we do it

Cloud infrastructures are designed to scale. So, shouldn't your Product Team?

Eliminate production bottlenecks and have on-demand access to a Product Team that can scale to meet any requirement or deadline.

Your team is too big

Internal teams are slower because coordination can be convoluted, and management layers difficult to navigate.

Cohesive long term visions

Leverage a team that can understand your vision and solve your customer's pain point.

Product Teams

Agile, Done Right, Is Awesome.

Product Teams running automated processes with the necessary testing.

We’d argue that it is the only way you are going to get your company into the competitive position it needs to be for the next generation. The alternative is slow — or fast — death at the hands of smaller, more nimble competitors.

Free up resources to focus on the more valuable assets used to run your business.

We are able to offer flexible Product Team configurations that grow with you -- at steady and predictable costs running alongside or managed by your internal stakeholders.

Your Product Team
Our Extended Product Team
Your Product Team
Our Extended Product Team

Our Configurable Product Teams play a crucial organizational role and are responsible for implementing strategy, roadmap, and feature definition.

We propose team configurations based on analysis of year one goals and release requirements. Team allocations can consist of both full-time equivalents (FTEs) and fractional resources.

Traditional approaches deliver predictable results: frustrated people, bad software, and slow failure.

Our business is running dedicated Product Teams that assume total or fractional ownership of your tech stack.

A team config will save you roughly 40% vs hiring internally. And have the skills to handle the entire SDLC

Do you need development help?

Doing software well requires thinking about it as a product, not an ongoing project. A product that can evolve to match your user’s changing needs.

Leverage our External Product Teams to transform into a product-centric organization, moving away from a plagued contractor control model to an agile, product-centric model.

Focusing with a product team.

Organizations that are focused on improving software are breaking functional based “silos”. We execute on a weekly, if not daily, deployment feedback loop where speed and quick access to information drive decisions.

Always exploring and looking for the best fit for your software to address the customer problem we’re looking to solve.