We looked it up, the internet defined a website – a noun as “a location connected to the internet that maintains one or more web pages”
Technically that’s true, but being in the business of internet of things, for almost a decade, we (us SourceFuse’ians) like to believe, if your brand had a soul, the website would be the window to your Brand’s soul. So, having completed 9 years in this business, and as we were in the process of thinking of what and how we could redesign our webpages, we started looking. What we found in these past 9 years was not only fascinating but reflected the trends.
So, here it is, a journal of sorts to scrutinize how we changed over time and kept up with the changing website trends, and analyze how different things were back then, how the website (not just ours but all around the world) were structured.
We began in a time not too long ago, 2006…

2006: The website was built on the CMS platform Joomla 1.X, using a table based layout to organize the content, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity. The trend was to be “text heavy” – our website was. We had divided the text into columns, rows and other navigational elements. To make the website attractive, we had used animated text and dancing GIFs as the graphical elements. Most websites in this period looked quite square based mostly on HTML tables and sliced images.

2009-11: Or as we call it “the year of Flash”. Flash was a not so new kid on the block but it was everywhere! We had it too, we toned down text and said YES to flash. Navigation Bar got a makeover, embraced new colors and features, moving from side location to “Top” Location. There was more zing added with tiled background images, neon colors, 3D buttons and upgraded CMS to Joomla 2.X.

2012, we rebranded ourselves, designed a new logo, changed layout – we got ourselves a complete makeover! Used Sharp illustrations and thoughtful layout. We went with a simple yet professional look (we meant business of course) with the use of the flat design and use of HTML 5. Replacing “Glossy” buttons with vector images and icons. We changed how we wrote, used Gotham (new age typography), and continued reinvention with WordPress as the CMS – the new trending CMS platform, which was made for all marketing managers to manage their websites.

2014: Change, Adapt and Repeat – With our partners joining us from all corners of the world, it became imperative that we showed them all and then some, what kind of work we did. We added a prominent and expressive portfolio! With people shifting more towards mobile devices (future that is now), we tweaked our website to make it responsive and adaptable on all devices – decreasing load time, improving UI/UX and adding custom features and upgrading to WordPress 3.5.2 and its many custom features.

This is now, following our instincts and making the website content rich with a visual appeal – we revamped everything. Text while still important has taken a back seat and high definition and interactive images are ruling the roost! The focus and emphasis is now heavy on UI/UX – where visitors shouldn’t waste time looking for information. Our focus is to show who we are, a pronounced 20/20 vision into our soul with glimpses of our quirky nature!

We are still putting in effort to change with the world, web and trends, reinventing ourselves…believing in change and evolution!

by SF Marketing Mavericks (Sarmishtha,Sudhanshu,Gagan,Sunaina,Sidharth)