SourceFuse recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the 4th Consecutive Year

On average, an employee spends 1/3rd of their lifetime in the workplace, which definitely implies their want for a workplace that is pertinent to their success in their respective careers. And for accelerating an organization’s business continuity, supporting great employee experience is a necessity, wherein the organization’s middle layer comes into perspective. Most organizations with a strong management hold on their teams come out as Great Workplaces. Being a great manager for the organization takes a certain level of personalized leadership for the diverse workforce and a strong focus aligned with the company’s vision. Especially when the company’s vision is across building cloud native technology for enabling businesses globally to perform better. 

With that, setting clear expectations for team members to make them independent and provide them with a certain level of autonomy when it comes to doing their work in their own best possible way. And, most importantly, for us, creating cloud-based services or products that add value to the world giving employees the opportunity to derive a sense of meaning from their work.

It is exhilarating for SourceFuse to be recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ organization by Great Place to Work® Institute (India) for the 4th consecutive year. Through this blog, we want to give our readers an inside look into the organization’s culture, showcase how we are providing uninterrupted business continuity during COVID-19, and what makes us a Great Place to Work consistently.

As mentioned by Gautam Ghai, Co-Founder and CEO, SourceFuse, “What really makes a Great Place to Work is consistent communication and transparency between teams, ensuring that everyone understands the company’s vision and how it will benefit one and all. I am glad that at SourceFuse, we believe in individual career upliftment of each employee, building trust and long-term relationships, in the process.” 

What makes SourceFuse a Great Place To Work?

Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from more than 58 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking, and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is recognized as rigorous and objective and is considered the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia, and government organizations. Not only that, but the Great workplaces recognized by GPTW also experience much higher levels of retention, advocacy, business continuity, motivation, and discretionary effort.

The five characteristics that we are most proud of as a Cloud Native Organization when it comes to being a ‘Great Place to Work®’:

  • Welcoming Culture: Welcoming new team members on their day of joining has been one of the most evolved practices at SourceFuse. The new joinee meets everyone in the office individually and as a team, for cultivating familiarity. There are separate lunches with the management team for a deeper association. Potlucks are also encouraged for inclusivity growth. During the pandemic, a new onboarding process has been put in place where new members of our team are made to engage with the rest of the workplace, during weekly video call catch-ups and are welcomed via social media. 
  • Recognition & Appreciation: Without Recognition, a workplace just reminisces a factory with chatbots. At SourceFuse, we reward each employee for their achievements with a shoutout during our weekly catch-ups/quarterly held town halls, offer small tokens of appreciation for all employees completing their work anniversaries and motivate a holistic learning experience by handing out extraordinary awards for completing cloud native certifications and gaining deep domain expertise in their respective fields. 
  • Open Communication & Transparency: Being a workplace with an employee strength of 250+, a healthy communicative culture becomes imperative. We have an open and comfortable workspace where each one can put across their perspective without being insecure.
  • High-Trust Workplace: A high-trust workplace puts the employee experience, not profit, at the center. Company cultures where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and positively engage with the people they work with. Employees at high-trust workplaces do happily give extra effort that drives growth, but in a sustainable way that goes far beyond engagement.
  • Highly Engaged Company: Employees feel aligned around and committed to an organization and its goals, and act with their colleagues to ensure success, beyond expectations – regardless of whether it is beyond their job role or self-interest. Their high level of engagement drives productivity business continuity, & shareholder returns and reduces cost by retaining talent.
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According to GPTW India, ‘The impact of choosing quality over quantity is clearly visible with 81 percent of the employees giving a positive rating when asked if they are offered training or development to further them professionally in the best organizations.’

As per, Shishir Khandelwal, a new addition to our DevOps team, 

“It is good to be a part of a team that offers the opportunity to build the culture and processes of the whole organization. Glad to have completed my AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification after joining SourceFuse.” 

Our Work from Home Strategy During COVID-19

Being a Great Place to Work, we leverage our focus on investing more in our employees than getting more out of them. Focusing on their core needs – Physical and Mental ensure that they bring their best selves to work every day, even while working remotely during the pandemic. We have been following the ‘Employee’s safety comes first’ approach with a consistent aim to provide smooth cloud-based services to our clients to enable their business continuity plans. Regular work from home updates, weekly catch-ups, execution of proper cloud native technical support plans, and required security updates in place, we are experiencing high levels of productivity, even remotely.

In the past five months, when we’ve been working from home and connecting online, a positive response has been recorded on behalf of our Great Workplace. A wave of appreciation has been received with everyone being rewarded for their efforts via small tokens of gratitude, receiving their remuneration on time even during the pandemic, and gaining opportunities to learn and grow via our AWS and other domain wise cloud native certification programs. Among the newbies that have acquired their certifications just weeks past their joining, here’s what Gurleen Kaur, a part of the Development Team, says about SourceFuse, 

“I joined SourceFuse during COVID-19 and was happy to witness a seamless onboarding experience. During my tenure, I have observed that SourceFuse operates as a global flat organization and offers employees to be able to see how their work affects the big picture, which is most important for long-term growth. ”

About SourceFuse:

SourceFuse is transforming the way today’s most successful companies develop breakthrough roadmaps leveraging cloud-based technologies. A leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SourceFuse has delivered over 1000 AWS implementations that boost efficiency, ensure compliance, deliver actionable insights, and lower total cost of ownership.

With 14 years of deep expertise, commitment to digital innovation, service excellence, and customer success, we are ranked among “India’s Top 50 Companies to Work For” by Great Place to Work® Institute (India). Headquartered in the United States, with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and India. For more updates, follow SourceFuse on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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