04 Jul

Using Machine Translation with Amazon Translate In Mobile Messaging

Creating In-App Translation Directly In The Chat Interface How can billion-dollar companies like Uber and Airbnb control their brand and the experience users have with their products? When those companies don’t even employ the person delivering the experience booked through their Apps? Easy. By creating products that anticipate their user's needs. Features like location…

12 Jun

AWS Sumerian Tutorial

Building a Virtual Reality (VR) Proof of Concept Using AWS Sumerian Technology Virtual and augmented reality are two very hot topics right now in marketing and business, and they’re slowly making their way into mainstream products. AR/VR is growing beyond the gaming industry, and VR is creating more and more business use cases for companies of every size to adopt this…

13 Oct

The Thakur Story

Ever wondered what happens when you put a bunch of nerds who love their cult classics and take inspirations from any and everywhere? You get Big Bang Theory Episode infused, and Sholay enthused – “Telepresence System”, and our humble ode to IoT and AI.  Why Big Bang Theory you say? – Coz Sheldon planted the idea, in the episode where he makes a mobile virtual presence…