12 Jun

AWS Sumerian Tutorial

Building a Virtual Reality (VR) Proof of Concept Using AWS Sumerian Technology Virtual and augmented reality are two very hot topics right now in marketing and business, and they’re slowly making their way into mainstream products. AR/VR is growing beyond the gaming industry, and VR is creating more and more business use cases for companies of every size to adopt this…

26 Oct

Bots UP! Why your digital business needs conversational bots.

It’s easy to pass up conversational bots as the latest passing trend, but the fact is, this form of communication is old, really old. Human communication was revolutionized with the origin of speech approximately 500,000 years ago. Symbols were developed only about 30,000 years ago. So, it’s no surprise this form of communication is what comes to us naturally and intuitively.……

05 Jan

Bots for User Retention and Acquisition

When you set out to fundamentally change user behaviour, you can expect a bit of an uphill battle. The app we built for a UK based startup ShopNSocial helps users browse the web socially - i.e. users can share items right from the browser screen and can chat/talk with their friends whilst browsing. Our challenge was to introduce this new concept to first time users and…